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Rocky Mountain Recycling

Rocky Mountain Recycling Web site:

2950 West 900 South

Salt Lake City, UT 84104

Phone: 801-931-4100

Fax: 801-606-2861


Rocky Mountain Recycling, LLC (RMR), is the largest recycler in the Intermountain West.  With two large operations in Salt Lake County, as well as satellite facilities in Clearfield, Lindon, St. George, Denver, and Las Vegas.  Our company collects, processes, and markets over 45,000 tons per month of recovered paper, plastic, metals, and glass.

RMR provides a wide range of recycling services to commercial, industrial and residential customers.  In the commercial/industrial area, RMR collects loose and baled materials from retail, manufacturing, printing, and packaging companies.  In the residential area, we collect material from drop-off centers throughout the Intermountain West and process residential curbside recycling from various sources including private haulers and municipalities.

Our commitment is to be the premier recycler in areas which we operate.  The commitment continues every day and we are pleased that for the fifth year in a row, RMR was named Best of State for Environmental Impact.

In early 2012, RMR launched into the mobile document destruction business.  This is a great addition to the services already offered.  Look to Rocky Mountain Document Destruction to destroy and recycle all of your sensitive material.

TAMS/ Used Computer Outlet

TAMS/ Used Computer Outlet

400 North Geneva Road - Suite D
Lindon, Utah

Phone: 801-796-1696
Web site:

TAMS offers liquidation services to companies of all sizes and diverse requirements. We specialize in protecting your confidential data, maximizing the value of your retired assets, and recycling no-value assets in an environmentally safe manner.

Data destruction using the latest industry tools, we will ensure that all of your company's confidential and intellectual data is permanently destroyed.

We provide prompt, environmentally safe disposal of your e-waste and provide you with all the necessary documentation of liability transfer. TAMS has a worldwide network of vendors to help us recover the maximum value of your non-disposal assets. Our goal is to turn your surplus equipment in to cash for you.

It starts with free pick-up and a detailed inventory. It ends with certificates of disposal and final asset disposition reports back to you.

State of Utah - Office of Energy Development

State of Utah - Office of Energy Development Web site:

Utah boasts an abundance of diverse natural resources, the development of which has been critical in securing the state's leadership position in the areas of business and career growth. For those interested in understanding the value of the energy sector to Utah, the numbers speak for themselves. Conservative estimates indicate that about twenty-three thousand Utahns are employed in the energy sector, and the total wages associated with those jobs is over $1.5 billion a year. More importantly, the wages paid to those working in the energy sector is 171% of the state's average. Indeed, not only does the energy resource development sector represent an enormous driver of economic activity within the state, it also creates good jobs for Utahns in every corner of the state. The responsible development of Utah's energy resources, whether conventional, unconventional, or renewable, will continue to ensure that Utah retains its competitive edge globally

Swire Coca Cola

Swire Coca Cola Web site:

We create with pride the magical feelings, special times and great taste of America's best soft drinks. We are committed to realizing today the same level of excellence established over a century ago by The Coca-Cola Company and The Swire Group. This commitment to excellence guides our actions with our fellow employees, customers, and community, thus ensuring the profitability of our company.


West Liberty Foods

West Liberty Foods

2590 West 1500 South
Salt Lake City, Utah

Phone: 435-207-7018
Web site:

We are a Landfill Free Company

Why strive to be "Landfill Free"? Because it is the right thing to do.  All three West Liberty facilities have been third party verified as "Landfill Free," meaning less than 1% of our waste ends up in the landfill.

When performing our latest Landfill Free audit, we took a look at how much each of our facilities was sending to be recycled/composted verses sending it to a waste-to-energy facility:

  • The Mt. Pleasant facility demonstrated at 80% of its total pounds of waste is currently being recycled or composted; while 20% is going to a waste-to-energy facility
  • The West Liberty facility demonstrated that 98.47% of its total pounds of waste is currently being recycling or composted while 1.53% is going to a waste-to-energy facility
  • The Tremonton facility demonstrated that 91.08% of its total pounds of waste is currently being recycled or composted while 8.92% is going to a waste-to-energy facility

Contact: Michelle Boney at 319-627-6144




250 West Center
Provo, Utah

Phone: 801-377-9321
Web site:

At Eli Kirk, we combine our creative expertise and technical experience to develop a powerful brand that will promote your organization to the clients you want to attract. We capture your ideas and vision in a memorable identity that speaks to your audience in a way that is both distinctive and convincing.

Eli Kirk also has a proven record in web development - including expertise in design, content, marketing and implementation - to create a web presence that will position you ahead of your competition.

Through our brand management and web development services, all of your organization's components - your logo, online and print presence, and signage - will work together to deliver a consistent message and create a cohesive identity in the minds of your clients.

Let Eli Kirk show you the innovative solutions we can bring to your organization.

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Harmons Web site:


Who would have known that when Jake and Irene Harmon opened The Market Spot in 1932, that it would lead to the opening of 17 Harmons stores and a family of more than 3,200 associates? Still family owned and operated, the Harmon family and extended family of associates continue to strive and provide a unique shopping experience through the finest and freshest quality products, local partnerships, exceptional value, and unequaled customer service.

Harmons Green Mission: Harmons is committed to reducing our environmental impact though responsible business practices and working to create a more sustainable future. Please look for recycling opportunities throughout the store and our community. 

Harmons supports local companies including: Momentum Recycling, Rocky Mountain Recycling, Bonneville Livestock, Utah Food Bank & local food pantries. 

Contact: Sherry Glick- Executive Assistant to Vice Presidents/Sustainability Coordinator- 801-957-8460

Western Metals Recycling

Western Metals Recycling

150 W. Civic Center Drive (9850 S.) (Offices)
Sandy, Utah

Phone: 801-972-0304
Web site:

Western Metals Recycling, LLC (WMR) is the largest full service metals recycler in the Intermountain West. We have a proven track record of integrity, reliability, and financial strength and consistently strive to exceed our customer's expectations. WMR processes all types of ferrous and non ferrous metals, employing a myriad of processing technologies. These include shredders, crushers, balers, and stationary and portable shears. We also operate a large and reliable fleet of trucks, trailers and various sized containers.

WMR specializes in demolition and industrial services (plant cleanup or reclamation and container services.)

Interwest Paper

Interwest Paper Web site:

Interwest Paper, Inc has been in the business of brokering recycled commodities since 1979.  We specialize in customer service to help you with your recycling needs. From bales of cardboard to high-grade printing commodities, we can handle all of your recycling needs.

If our services are what you been looking for, we would love to put our expertise to work for you!

Contact Beau Peck at 801-266-3610


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51 East 400 South Ste 200
Salt Lake City, Utah

Phone: 877-964-7746
Web site:

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