As a dues-paying member, you have the opportunity to nominate and vote for members of the RCU Board of Directors. To nominate yourself or someone else for a position on the RCU Board, please use the link below to send an email with nomination information.  The more details the better.  Board positions are for two year renewable terms. 

Please copy and paste the information below in this email link:

Nominee Name:

Board Position Nomination is For (see RCU Bylaws for a list of Positions):

In a paragraph, please describe why you would like to serve on the RCU Board:

Copy the above questions with your answers and submit your nomination via email.

The RCU Board meets 10 times each year via physical meeting or conference calls and holds 1-2 conferences.  Active participation is required for all board members.  Board Members must participate at a minimum 8 of the 12 mandatory meetings each year to keep their seat.  Board Members must be a paying member of RCU to serve on the board.

Thank you for your willingness to serve!