RCU Utah America Recycles Day & Green Car Expo

The Recycling Coalition of Utah is hosting the fourth annual Utah America Recycles Day Recycling Exhibition.  This will take place on Tuesday, November 15th at the South Towne Expo Center in Sandy, Utah.  Each year this expo gets bigger and better and this year's will be no exception!  

This exhibition is about recycling awareness and showcasing Utah's green cars.  We want you to participate as a vendor at this event.  

What RCU is doing to promote the Utah America Recycles Day Event

First off, we are inviting the media.  Since November 15th is officially America Recycles Day, we will promote this consistently to the media for a solid month prior to the exhibition.  In past years, vendors have been featured on KSL 5. Three of the four TV stations ran news stories about the event and the vendors.  We anticipate this taking place again!

We are contacting the "environmental" reporters for each major newspaper.  We anticipate great coverage from local newspapers and magazines.  Again, not only promoting recycling in Utah but the organizations and businesses like yours that play a major role in recycling and sustainability in Utah.

In addition to the bale pyramid we have each year, we will have recycling trucks, equipment, and “green” cars including hybrid and electric vehicles.  We are working with UTA to bring one of their new 60’ electric buses.   This year we are featuring products made in Utah out of recycleable materials.  There are some amazing products out there for sure!  Essentially, everything you can imagine that relates to the recycling industry.  Last year, our sorting line was a huge hit where the public can see what it is like to sort recyclables on a real sort line.  

Plans for this year include the following:

1) Annual Sort-line competition (bigger and better)

2) High school recycled musical event.  High School students will compete for prizes by making music with recycled materials

3) Merit Badges - Sustainability, Pulp & Paper, Environmental Science

4) Flag Retirement Ceremony

RCU will advertise the event free to the public and get as many people through the doors as possible.  The exhibition will run from 12 noon to 7 pm on the 15th.

We want to include you and your organization.  Some vendors have already decided they will use this to not only educate the public about recycling and their services but to gain new customers through offers that they will make available to the public at the exhibition.  

We will have three different setups available for vendors.  The first set up will be a large space of 30 feet by 15 feet.  The purpose of this space is to allow for equipment of all sizes including collection trucks and vehicles.  The second available set up is for two (2) 10'x10' area (2 small booths).  The third available booth is our small booth 10'x10' which would accommodate various displays including table top displays.

Booth Pricing

$500 for the 30'x15' space, $400 for a medium sized booth (made up of 2 small booths) and $225 for the 10'x10' space.

Each of the options will include a 6 foot table and 2 chairs.  This pricing does include admission for one to attend our pre-exhibition breakfast and Recycler of the Year awards.  Additional tickets for breakfast can be purchased for $25.

For those who sign up by October 30th, we will create a flyer with your logo on it that you can distribute to customers and clients.  The flyer will look like you own this event!

We look forward to your participation.  You will need to pay for your space by October 30th.  Payment can be made directly to RCU by check (send your payment to RCU at PO Box 872, Springville, Utah 84663) or you can pay on-line at www.utahrecycles.org/register 

Be sure to reserve your spot!  There are a limited number of spaces available and they will be taken on a first come, first served basis.  We look forward to seeing you on November 15th!

For more information on America Recycles Day follow this link.

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