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Powers and Duties of the Board of Directors

6.1 General Powers of the Board of Directors

A. Rulemaking– To adopt and publish rules and regulations defining the objections and direction of the organization.
B. Authority– Exercise for the organization of all power, duties, and authorities vested in or delegated to the organization.
C. Employment– To employ a manager or other employees and officials, prescribe their duties, and fix their compensation.

6.2 Duties of the Board of Directors– It shall be the duty of the board of directors to ensure that a record of all business and proceedings of its meetings be kept, and that they will be available for review at the annual meeting of all members. This report shall be prepared by the Secretary/Treasurer or designee. Copies shall be available for inspection upon request.

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  1. Article I – Membership
  2. Article II – Meeting of Members
  3. Article III – Voting Policy
  4. Article IV – Board of Directors
  5. Article V – Meeting of the Board of Directors
  6. Article VI – Powers and Duties of the Board of Directors
  7. Article VII – Officers
  8. Article VIII – Miscellaneous
  9. Article IX – Ammendments
  10. Article X – Indemnification
  11. Addendum

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