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Board of Directors

4.1 Number– The affairs of RCU shall be managed by a non-paid board of directors.

4.2 Qualifications of Board Members– Any voting member of RCU is eligible to be a board member.

4.3 Board Composition– To ensure even representation and a wide range of ideas, members of the board shall be comprised of the following:

Position Term ending in odd/even years
- 3 local government officials  
* 1 (over 50,000 in population) Odd
* 1 (from 10,000 to 50,000 in population) Even
* 1 (under 10,000 in population) Odd
- 1 state government official Even
- 1 private business representative Even
- 1 environmental group representative Even
- 1 educational institution representative Odd
- 1 solid waste representative Even
- 1 at-large representative Even
- 1 at-large representative Odd
- 1 at-large representative Odd
- 1 scrap metal industry representative Odd
- 1 greenwaste/compost representative Even
- 1 past president (non-elected)  

However, if there are no available representatives of any of the groups listed above, an at-large candidate may be elected to fill the vacant position on the board.

4.4 Selection of Board Members– The board members shall be elected from the voting membership of the organization. A majority vote is required.

4.5 Term of Office– Each board member shall serve a term of two years beginning July 1st until the date their successors are elected and assume office. Board members may not be re-elected for more than four consecutive two-year terms unless an exception is agreed to by the current Board of Directors.

4.6 Vacancies– In the event of death or resignation of a board member, the successor shall be elected by a majority vote of the remaining board members. Any seat to be filled by reason of an increase in the number of seats shall be filled by election at the annual meeting of the members of the organization.

4.7 Removal– Any officer may be removed from the board with cause by majority vote of the other members of the board. Following this action, the member appointed to fill the vacancy shall serve for the remainder of the term of the member that is replaced.

4.8 Committee Chairs– Members of the board of directors may comprise the following committees:

4.8.1 Communication/ Promotion/ Education Committee– The Communications Chairperson shall organize and chair a committee of organization members concerning development of the annual conference, advertising, awards, recycling market development zones, RCU member spotlights for the newsletter.

4.8.2 Membership/ Nominating Committee– The Membership Chairperson shall organize and chair a committee of organization members to increase the membership of RCU. The committee will also suggest and nominate RCU members or others to serve on the RCU Board of Directors.

4.8.3 Legislative/ Government Affairs Committee– The Legislative shall organize and chair a committee of organization members concerning governmental and legislative matters. This committee will appraise members of legislation and potential legislation which pertains to the recycling efforts in the State.

Chairpersons of each committee shall report to the general membership and the board of directors on committee activities at regularly scheduled Board meetings.

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