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Voting Policy

3.1 Nominations

A. Notice– Written notice of the election date and eligibility requirements shall be through the newsletter either in print or electronically or by separate notice to every member, postage paid, at least one month prior to the election date. The location and time of the election will be mailed to every member, postage paid or electronically, at least one month prior to the election.
B. Nomination Committee– At the board’s discretion, a nomination committee may be appointed to solicit and secure a slate of qualified nominees. Eligible members may also submit their name for nomination.
C. Floor Nominations– At the beginning of the annual meeting, the current chairperson or member chosen by the chair will accept nominations from the floor for the vacant board seats. This will be done by announcing the vacancy, naming the current nominees and calling for further nominations. No individual can serve in more than one position. If nominated for more than one vacancy, a member must choose which nomination to accept.

3.2 Nominee Information

A. Information– Nominees may submit materials to the newsletter editor so that they may be published in the newsletter issue immediately prior to the election date. The format of nominee materials may be set by a special projects committee. Nominees may be asked to state their qualifications, experience, affiliation, and interest in serving on the board.
B. Statement of Qualification– All candidates will be provided with an opportunity to submit for duplication by the organization a “Statement of Qualification”. Those statements received by the newsletter editor at least five days before the election will be made available at the annual meeting by contacting the editor. Candidates who do not submit their statements by the deadline are responsible for bringing multiple copies to the election meeting. One copy should be submitted to the Secretary/Treasurer for organization records.

3.3 Voting Requirements

A. Dues– Anyone wishing to vote must be a current member, having paid their annual dues.
B. Official Ballots– The Secretary/Treasurer and/or RCU’s Executive Director shall be responsible for insuring that only paid members receive ballot cards.
C. Organizations– Each organization (government, non-profit, or business) member gets two votes and shall select a representative or an alternative to place these votes. Each individual member gets one vote.

3.4 Voting Sysytems

A. Brief Statement by Nominees– After all nominations have been accepted at the annual meeting, each nominee shall have an opportunity to make a brief statement, and members shall opportunity to ask them brief questions. The chair may set time limits for this session. If the chair is a candidate, the proceedings should be conducted by a non candidate member selected by the chair.
B. Copies of Voting Policy– Copies of this voting policy shall be available to members.
C. Ballot Procedures– Ballots will be sent to all members prior to the annual meeting either in print or electronically. Such ballots shall be returned by the date so specified on the ballot in order to be counted.

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