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Meeting of Members

2.1 Annual Meeting– RCU shall hold an annual meeting of members. This meeting may be held at the same place, date, and time as the Recycling Coalition of Utah�s annual conference unless otherwise prescribed by the board of directors.

2.2 Special Meetings– Special meetings may be called by the President or by the board of directors or upon written request of members entitled to cast 20 percent of the total votes.

2.3 Notice– Notice of all meetings of voting members shall be through the newsletter either by print or electronically or by separate notice to every member, postage paid or electronically, at the address as shown in the records of the organization. Such notice shall be so mailed no less than ten days nor more than 30 days prior to the date of said meeting. The notice of the meeting shall specify the place, date and time of the meeting and in case of a special meeting, the purpose of the meeting.

2.4 Quorum– A quorum for any meeting of the voting members shall be members entitled to cast 20 percent of total votes, except for matters set forth below.

2.5 Special Quorum Requirements– The presence at any meeting, in person or by proxy of those members entitled to cast 35 percent of total votes shall constitute a quorum for voting on the following matters: amendments to the articles of the organization, merger and consolidation, voluntary dissolution, sale, lease ,or other disposition, but not mortgage, or all or substantially all of the property and assets of the organization.

2.6 Proxy– Any member may vote in person or by proxy. Each proxy shall be revocable and shall automatically terminate upon termination of membership.

2.7 Objections– Any procedural or other objection to actions taken at membership meetings must be made in writing to the President within 30 days of the membership meeting.

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  2. Article II – Meeting of Members
  3. Article III – Voting Policy
  4. Article IV – Board of Directors
  5. Article V – Meeting of the Board of Directors
  6. Article VI – Powers and Duties of the Board of Directors
  7. Article VII – Officers
  8. Article VIII – Miscellaneous
  9. Article IX – Ammendments
  10. Article X – Indemnification
  11. Addendum

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