The following addendum sets forth the strategies and direction of RCU:

The Recycling Coalition of Utah (RCU) is a coalition of municipalities, businesses, institutions and individuals committed to improving recycling in Utah. As the State of Utah's official resource on recycling, RCU will provide value to existing and new members committed to increasing and improving recycling, conservation and solid waste reduction in Utah by:

  1. promoting awareness of recycling, waste reduction and conservation through special events and advertising campaigns
  2. increasing the implementation of Recycling Market Development Zones (RMDZ) in Utah municipalities
  3. fostering a network of people committed to sharing ideas and information about recycling
  4. supporting legislation that promotes effective recycling
  5. promoting the purchase and use of recycled products and assisting in developing new markets for recyclable products
  6. supporting national recycling efforts through membership in the National Recycling Coalition and other national recycling organizations
  7. providing technical information about recycling, conservation, composting and reuse
  8. expanding the membership base of RCU.
  1. Article I – Membership
  2. Article II – Meeting of Members
  3. Article III – Voting Policy
  4. Article IV – Board of Directors
  5. Article V – Meeting of the Board of Directors
  6. Article VI – Powers and Duties of the Board of Directors
  7. Article VII – Officers
  8. Article VIII – Miscellaneous
  9. Article IX – Ammendments
  10. Article X – Indemnification
  11. Addendum

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