Electronic Waste Links

What Utah is Doing About E-waste:

PDF of State of Utah contract with Metech recycling company

Metech website

How to host a community e-waste recycling event:

E-waste recycling event tool kit

Event tool kit PDF

EPA Plug In To E-Cycling

Educational information on e-waste:

EPA info

EPA frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How to manage e-waste:

EPA regulations and standards

Lead leaching study (PDF)

RCRA Toxicity Characterization of Computer CPUs study (PDF)

Standards for e-waste recyclers:

HP Vendor Requirements for Hardware Recycling (PDF)

End-of-Life Management E-waste site

Guidelines for On-Site Reviews of Electronics Recyclers

Checklist for the Selection of Electronics Reuse and Recycling Services – NOTE, while this checklist was designed to guide federal generators of electronic waste in the selection of a recycler, in general, it can help procurers of electronics recycling services make informed decisions. The document can also help providers of electronics recycling services to better understand the different issues facing the electronics recycling industry.

California E-waste Websites:

New California rules for e-waste in effect

E-waste rules are a start, but much more must be done

Electronic Product Management homepage

Department of Toxic Substances Control

E-waste Websites for Maine:

Maine.gov e-waste homepage

Municipal Guide to Maine's Television and Computer Monitor Recycling Law

State of Maine legislation on E-waste

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