Gavin Andrus
Account Manager — Advanced Technology Recycling

Gavin Andrus

Gavin Andrus joined the ATR team in February of 2018. He brings with him with over 10 years of teaching experience. He has taught over 2,000 kids and adults how to improve their swimming abilities. Before becoming an account manager he worked in our warehouse and helped drive our box truck for client pickups. He knows the ins-and-outs of ATR and can better explain the recycling processes to others because he has first hand experience working throughout the entire process. As an account manager I make sure our clients are well taken care of, and that they get the best service! When I was younger I enjoyed recycling, I got my family to start recycling cardboard instead of throwing it away. I come from the country life, and there aren’t many options for people to recycle in the country. My goal is to make it so no matter where you live, you will have an option to recycle.

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