Board Members and Staff

Brad Mertz

Brad Mertz – Executive Director, RCU

Recycling Coalition of Utah
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Brad Morley

Brad Morley – President, RCU

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Andrew Wallentine

Andrew Wallentine – Management Analyst

West Valley City
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Jeffrey Jewett

Jeffrey Jewett – Co-Owner & Chief Operations Officer

Spring Back Utah Mattress Recycling
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Kimberly Nelson

Kimberly Nelson – ABC 4 Reporter

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Sherry Glick

Sherry Glick – Assistant to the Vice Presidents & Sustainability Coordinator

Harmons Grocery
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Beau Peck

Beau Peck – Director of Sales and Marketing / Business Development

Interwest Paper, Inc.
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Pete Wolfley

Pete Wolfley – Communications Team

City of Orem
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Wendy Osborne

Wendy Osborne – Owner

Tabitha's Way
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Scott Epperson

Scott Epperson –

Western Metals Recycling
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Esther Davis

Esther Davis – Manager, Compliance/Safety & Education

Transjordan Cities
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Brenda Upright

Brenda Upright – Manager, Community Relations - Northern Utah

Republic Services, Inc.
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Craig Castle

Craig Castle – Owner

Innovative Waste Solutions
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Dawn Beagley

Dawn Beagley – Business Development

Ace Recycling & Disposal
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Larry Gibbons

Larry Gibbons –

Rocky Mountain Recycling
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